About Us

GammaTech Computer Corporation

Fremont, California. Located in Silicon Valley, GammaTech Computer Corp. is a major manufacturer of portable notebook computers and tablets. Over the past 30 years, GammaTech has positioned itself as one of the largest suppliers of innovative notebook computers and tablets in the world. GammaTech is the first manufacturer to bring ruggedized notebooks and tablets to the vertical market.

GammaTech Computer Corp.'s mission is to continuously strive for technological advancement, product quality and customer satisfaction. Our manufacturing facilities are located in Taiwan and Mainland China. Because of our worldwide presence, GammaTech is capable of responding to the needs of portable computer users worldwide. GammaTech listens closely to the market and develops products that are in demand. GammaTech is proud to deliver the highest quality products available at the most competitive pricing possible.

Over 30 years of experience in the U.S. and worldwide market, GammaTech has consistently produced award-winning notebooks and tablets. Beginning with the 386sx to the most current Intel® Mobile Technology, GammaTech has been there every step of the way. As a matter of fact, we remain two steps ahead! Today, in order to benefit mobile users worldwide, GammaTech has brought the next generation notebook with ruggedized features to the vertical market.